About me

I am an evolutionary biologist working as an assistant professor in the Chair of Ecology and Biogeography in the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland.

My research interest is evolutionary biology in general and more specifically how organisms adapt to a changing environment. I approach these problems using molecular and phylogenetic methods as well as controlled experiments. My model systems include species from three genera, Chaerophyllum, Daucus and Ferula characterized by different distributions and contrasting levels of phenotypic variation. I  investigate the adaptive significance of various anatomical and morphological traits of flowers, fruits and seedlings. I would like to examine whether and to what extent the evolution of traits strongly related to fitness are hampered by developmental and genetic constraints.
As the complete phylogeny of a given group of organisms is a key requisite to solving many taxonomical and evolutionary questions, I also work on reconstructing large phylogenies of fast evolving taxa such as flies from families Sarcophagidae, Calliphoridae and Muscidae. Because of rapid diversification of these groups, there are many problems with obtaining robust phylogenetic trees. One of the solution on which I currently work is to use various next generation sequencing methods to obtain strong phylogenetic signal in weakly resolved parts of trees.
My work requires extensive field sampling which currently is being conducted in various parts of south Europe and in Iran.


Postal address

Marcin Piwczyński
Chair of Ecology and Biogeography
Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
Lwowska 1,
87-100 Toruń,

Phone, E-mail

Phone: (56) 611-26-49
E-mail: piwczyn@umk.pl


Personal: http://www.keib.umk.pl/marcin-piwczynski/ or http://piwczynski.prac.umk.pl/

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